Sewing Machine Repairs


We Fix Sewing Machines, Too!

Is your thread continually breaking? Is your tension regulator not working the way it should be? Are you having other problems with your sewing machine which you heavily rely on? If so, it sounds like you could use our help. Frontier Vacuum Cleaner Co. might have “vacuum” in our name, but we service more than just vacuums. We can also repair sewing machines of all kinds. 
If your sewing machine is giving you trouble, call on us to fix it. We’ll diagnose the source of the problem and make necessary repairs to ensure you can hem your daughter’s skirt in time for the play next week, or have your clients’ clothes altered on time. 


If you rely heavily on your sewing machine for things around the house or you use one every day at work, it’s vital to keep it well-maintained and in proper working order. We’d hate for you to have a broken sewing machine that slows down productivity at work, or cost you money on hiring a seamstress to hem your clothes. 

Rely on the experts from Frontier Vacuum Cleaner Co. to make your sewing machine work as good as new again. Call us today for sewing machine repair service! 
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